How Hitachi can help

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease that primarily affects women, and can be caused due to genetic as well as environmental factors. The prevention of osteoporosis is key if someone in your family already has the disease. Prevention can include careful exercises, changes in diet, and more for women who have a high risk of developing the disease later in life.

Is it preventable? How?

Exercises like walking, strength training, aerobics and more are prescribed for prevention, as they help strengthen bone mass and muscles, leading to either complete prevention or later onset. Prevention can also mean staying away from bone loss factors, like cigarettes, alcohol, and interestingly enough, colas. Falls can also lead to osteoporosis, so in this case, being clumsy can actually be very detrimental for your health. In terms of diet, experts recommend that women consume at least 1000mg of calcium a day when they are pre-menopausal, and 1200 mg a day after menopause. Protein and Vitamin D supplements have also been shown to help stay the loss of bone mass later in life

With all these preventative measures being offered to women to check osteoporosis, none is perhaps as important as regularly checking your bone density to aid with the diagnosis of this disease. Getting regular bone density checks after menopause for women can be very beneficial in catching osteoporosis early.

What are bone density checks, exactly?

Bone density tests measure the amount of calcium and other minerals that are components of the bone present in a segment of bone. The test uses X-rays to conduct this measurement. Low bone density usually indicates the presence or onset of osteoporosis. Bone density tests are a medical innovation that have been incredibly helpful, as earlier, osteoporosis could only be detected when someone broke a bone. Needless to say, it could go undiagnosed for people for a very long time. Now, with bone density scanners available, most people can get diagnoses easily and quickly.

How can Hitachi help?

Hitachi offers medical equipment solutions like the Ultrasound Bone Densitometry System AOS-100E EggQus, the Ultrasound Bone Densitometry System AOS-100SA, and the DXA Bone Densitometry System DCS-600EXV for checking bone density and catching osteoporosis quickly.

The Ultrasound Bone Densitometry System AOS-100E EggQus has been designed to measure bone density based on the idea of an eggshell. This system is ideal for small practices and medical centres as it is lightweight and user friendly, making it conducive for portability.

A more versatile bone densitometry system, the Ultrasound Bone Densitometry System AOS-100SA is suited for larger practises as it offers a wide array of uses.

The DXA Bone Densitometry System DCS-600EVC is a DXA based system to measure the forearm’s bone density. The radius, which is the bone in our forearm, helps with early BMD diagnosis because it has the maximum ageing deformation. Before any other bone in our body, it is the radius that will begin to show signs of early osteoporosis.

Hitachi’s commitment to helping manage and diagnose diseases like osteoporosis drives them to keep innovating their medical system offerings.